Here is an assortment of questions we hear frequently regarding everything piano and organ. We hope it's helpful!


Well, that really depends on several factors, including temperature, humidity, the age of your instrument, its make, and how often it is played. Generally, pianos need to get tuned at least once a year. This helps keep its condition from deteriorating due to neglect.

We will help you establish a suitable maintenance plan with you according to your wishes and the above factors. But remember, tune your piano at least once a year!
That's really hard to say without thoroughly inspecting it inside and out. We are unable to establish the value of your piano otherwise. You could possibly due some research on your own via the internet to give yourself an idea, but if you haven't had your piano serviced in a while, then it's value will be reduced, sometimes considerably.
Maybe, maybe not. If it's a mirror piano, full size antique upright, or sometimes even a spinet piano, then you may hire us to dispose of the piano for a fee. If it is something that could possibly be turned into a worthwhile musical instrument again, then be sure and let us know. Please be prepared to send us a picture or provide model and/or serial number to determine if it could be useful, and we might be able to pick up your instrument at a reduced rate or even for free in some circumstances.
For first time clients, we give pianos a quick visual inspection (at no additional cost) before we begin any work. We'll look at the tuning pins, action parts, keys, soundboard & more.

This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your instrument, assess its condition, make recommendations (if applicable) and get to know your service needs.

All we ask is for about 10 or 15 minutes of your time so we can look at your instrument together. Then we'll be able to confirm what's to be done as well as the related charges.